Monday, September 7, 2009

Our last (probably) camping trip of the season :(

This last weekend, we decided to take off for one more camping trip... at 830pm! We weren't sure where we were going to end up, it being labor day weekend and all; so we started down to the Holland Lake Recreational Area. We were told it was beautiful there, and we had been meaning to go there all summer. Well, we got to that campground around 930pm and it was full.... so we headed further south towards Seeley Lake and stopped at the next campground we saw called Lake Alva campground. We took the first site that was open (site number 4), set up tent, and took the sleeping kids from the van to the tent, and we all went to sleep....
Waking up the next morning, we were pleasantly surprised with the beautiful campground. We were surrounded by tall trees, and we couldn't even see our neighbors (unless we looked carefully) It was great! The kids had a fabulous time riding their bikes around the spacious site, and Colton and Tyler built a very intricate pine cone operation that kept them occupied for HOURS! Look closely at the pictures and you will see how talented they are.

We had a fantastic time, even with the slight rain one of the nights, and the site ranks right up there for our favorite camping trip this whole year! We even saw another bald eagle fishing on the lake... they are really magnificent birds, aren't they?

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