Saturday, September 12, 2009

Little Ayla turns 2!

Today is awesome! Ayla has had such a great day with our family, just celebrating what a great little girl she is! Tyler and I decorated a little last night (the balloons, birthday banner, and presents), and Ayla did her part and acted surprised and in awe when she came down the stairs! It takes such little effort to bring such big smiles!

What more could a little girl want? Balloons, ice cream cake, chips for lunch, spaghetti (homemade from a special secret recipe from Aunt Danielle! Thank you!!) for dinner, and birthday presents all for her!

I love my special, wonderful, beautiful, crazy, independent, stubborn, fantastic little Ayla.

Happy 2nd Birthday to Mya too!

Birthday banner that I painstakingly made for the kiddoes! I love it!
Breakfast: english muffin cut-outs with egg in the middle. Yum!

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