Friday, September 25, 2009

Granola and sprinklers

Today was the first time since spring that we made granola! The kids love to help me pour and scoop, and it is pretty easy, so I let them! I love homemade granola for breakfast... yummm! Quin, the little girl I watch (I watch her little brother, too), was here to help also...
and then later...
they all decided to get their swimsuits on and run through the sprinklers in the front yard after lunch. They all had a great time.
I cut Ayla's bangs yesterday and I think they look so cute... kind of punkish, but adorable. I was thinking of giving her a bob, but I haven't fully decided yet.

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Ann said...

Hi, just dropped by from England to say hello and loved your blog.
I teach Home Economics and teach my young groups how to make homemade granola for breakfast - a really great recipe and they all love it.
I will drop by again and thanks for sharing.