Monday, June 14, 2010

Camping in Glacier at Sprague Creek

We had a fantastic time camping this last weekend (well, some issues; more on that later!). Seeing that the weather was going to be taking a turn for the better, we decided to head up to Glacier for our second camping trip. We packed up the car and headed out. Before we got to the campsite, Colton said "I have to pee!"
And 2 seconds later, he did. In his car seat! So we had that airing out at the campsite all weekend.
We drove to the campground and picked out an awesome campsite. Then set out for some hiking. Despite my bum knee, we managed to hike a bit and take some great pictures.
We all slept well that night and woke up early (all except Colton, which is a precursor for what happened later, maybe). It took us a bit to get everyone ready for an expedition, and looking back, turned out for the better.
As we drove to the Trail of Cedars, we saw a MOOSE! Living here in the great state of Montana for the last three years, we had yet to see one, so this was a pretty momentous occasion! He wasn't as awkward and gangly as I thought he would be. He was rather majestic.He was in the same spot 2 hours later enjoying his camera time!
We found out from our Swiss neighbor (at the campground) that the Avalanche Lake Trail, which is near the trail we were on, had a visit from a Grizzly mama and her cubs! I think I would have peed my pants!
Back at our campsite, with an over abundance of aggressive flies and mosquitoes, we took off for one last hike. We ended up going about 3 miles!
At camp, we enjoyed a late dinner of delicious salmon (from the store!).
Colton decided it was bedtime right after dinner, which was about 8pm, so not too weird.
The other 2were asleep by 9, and Tyler and I sat by the fire, had beers while I knitted, and then Tyler headed to the lake for 15 minutes of fishing. Then to bed.
We were woken up in the middle of the night by Colton needing to go pee; again, not unusual. When they came back to the tent, back in bed, Colton whimpered and said his tummy didn't feel good and so Tyler got back out of bed with him ( I was feeding Kellen). And he didn't really say what he needed to do for a bit, and so I said, I think he has to throw up. Tyler was getting on his shoes, and then it happened. He threw up in the middle of the tent. Poor little guy! And to put icing on the cake, he all of a sudden said he had to poop, and a huge noise, and then another kind of mess! He was so embarrassed! We cleaned him up as best we could, put him back in bed, and he fell back asleep.
In the morning he was a bit pale, but said he wanted to stay out camping for the day instead of heading home right away. So we rode bikes, hung out with some great friends that visited for the morning, and ate lunch. We left right after lunch.
The trip home began with coughs coming from Ayla's seat. Not sick coughs, but coughs that have been known to be precursors to throwing up. And sure enough, we ended up pulling over no less than 4 times on the way home. Tyler cleaning the carseat a couple of those times, and Ayla exhausting her extra clothes situation. We finally made it home with a girl in her underwear sitting on a very stinky seat.
Needless to say, Tyler hosed down the whole back of the car. We are still doing laundry. And still cleaning up throw up every once in a while.
It really was a great camping trip though.
On a good note too, Colton was riding a 2-wheeled bike with only a little assistance from Tyler! I can't believe he will be four in less than a month!


Homemade and Homegrown Mama said...

wow, what a post! I am guessing you were starting Camping and then a kid-tastrophy occured. Hope you had a great time.

Jill said...


Danielle said...

Poor babies! It sounds like all of you took it in stride, though. Thanks for sharing such a real adventure :).
PS: Your mountain picture is amazing and it is so cool that you saw a moose.

Our Stories said...

Oh no! Hope the little ones felt better in no time. Being a mama is always exciting ;)