Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ten Things

Once again, I was inspired by Amanda at Soulemama to do this again:: Ten Things I love Right Now Thursdays. I have been having a hard time blogging lately ( not because of un-useful material... just busy!) so I have decided to have certain days devoted to a certain thing::

Tuesdays:: Truthful Tuesdays (inspired by Nicole, who was inspired by Suzy
Wednesdays:: WIP (works in progress)
Thursday:: Ten things
Fridays:: Moment (also inspired by Soulemama)

So here goes::

1. This 16 lb pudg-ster! Look at those cheeks!
2. These flowers we planted last fall. Love the flower in a flower.3. What cute grassheads! They are on the kitchen sink, and make me smile when I do dishes.4. Long talks with a one of two great mother-in-laws.
5. Knitting with a certain rascal on my lap. Makes it a little more difficult, but fun memories! (More on this project next Wednesday)6. Anticipation of change. Really just finding out our next duty station; it has been on my mind lately, but we won't know until maybe September!
7. Drinking out of mason jars. Can't really explain it. Oh, and using breast pads that didn't work for coasters!8. These two and their constant play/fight or love/hate routine.9. This dress I just finished for Ayla! I love Oliver + S patterns... always turn out so cute!10. Baking with the kids.Ah! I live such a great life!


Heather said...

These are ten great moments, and I LOVE that dress that you made for Ayla, awesome fabric choices

Danielle said...

Great post! I am also loving the Truthful Tuesday and Work in Progress bits--can't wait to stop in and see! PS: Could Soulemama be any more inspirational?! I even read the archives (which I have already read) for fun.