Wednesday, June 23, 2010

{WIP} Works in Progress

In my mind, I have a lot of WIP; but in reality, this is the only one! A knitting project at the start of summer! It is a beanbag baby pillow with a knitted top. It will be pretty big, and look just like an oversized pillow, but intended for Kellen to be placed on (don't worry, he won't sink into the bag and suffocate). I just have to get it done before he starts crawling! This thing is taking MUCH more time than I anticipated. Maybe it is because it is usually done with Kellen on my lap, grabbing hold of it! What fun memories this thing will bring though. I brought it camping with us in Glacier; I spend my quiet time in the evenings knitting it; and my littlest one nestled on my lap "helping"; also the other two kiddoes like to get out my other knitting needles and a ball of yarn, and pretend to knit right along with me!
Finished dimensions are supposed to be 29"x29" but I am not sure. However, I think it will be used as a floor pillow for sitting on and playing with for years to come... Ayla has already requested one for herself... maybe.

Other projects I am looking forward to soon:
~a skirt for myself
~towel hoodies for all the kids out of either terry cloth or beach towels... haven't decided.
~towel dress for myself (found here)
~knitted swimsuit (!) for Ayla here.
~knitted toys for Kellen
~matching shirts from Oliver + S for the boys
~WAY too many things to list!!!!

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