Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ten things

I know, I know... I am a little late. But here is my ten things for today::

:: Thankful for Tyler to be home after a night away.

:: for Lonepine State Park right out our front door (even though the trip today was filled with drama!)

:: nice days (the weather here has been a little rainy FOREVER!!)

:: kids innocence and glee in almost anything they do!:: our CSA (community supported agriculture) aka farmshare! Love the greens I am bring home every week and looking forward to what is to come.

:: wacky kiddoes that love to show there stuff! Seriously biking in the nude while going through the sprinkler? Hmmm....:: cookies made last week, but frozen in balls and fresh baked every day for snack ( I have to do this because otherwise I will eat the WHOLE batch of cookies in 2 days!):: fresh organic strawberries... these things are delicious!

:: still thankful for mason jars as cups... love them!

::of course for my silly goofy girl who like to wear all of her new outfits at once (that is 3 outfits):: I am going to add an eleventh thing too! Hawthorne Threads fabric shop for just being awesome and having great fabrics and great service!

back tomorrow with {moment}

also, thinking of adding another day of internet finds... Maybe Mondays?

1 comment:

Leecia Templeton said... are surprised by the nude biking? I seem to remember a certain someone whose nickname as a toddler was "Mooner". Ayles sure takes after her momma!
Cute pics and I can't wait to see you all in September! I wish I could come out there with Mom and Dad and Jaden but alas...I have to work!
I love you all!