Monday, June 28, 2010

Third camping trip of the season

On Friday, we decided to go camping. We headed out of town about 3pm, with the intention of going to a place called Holland Lake. We had heard great things of this place, and wanted to try it out; there were trails and a nice lake and waterfall... sounds nice, right?
Well, we got there and drove the camping loops looking for the perfect campsite. We found it; #9. Then we got out. From the second we opened the car door we were swarmed by bird like mosquitoes! Apparently, they had just hatched with the sudden turn for warmer weather. And they were everywhere! Colton got the worst of it, with huge welts on his temples!So needless to say, we made a quick decision to go to another campground! We drove south for about 45 minutes, and right when we were headed into another campground, Colton asks, "Hey, Daddy. Where is my bike?" For a kid who just learned how to ride, he keeps pretty good tabs on it.
It had been left at campsite #9 in the mad rush for the car (along with our bundle of firewood).
So, I dropped off Tyler and C & A t Lake Alva campground, and Kellen and I went back to mosquito land.
Thankfully, the bike was still there.
Lake Alva turned out to be pretty relaxing. There really aren't trails or much to do in general. So we spent time riding bikes and swimming in the lake.
We even made a "chickmunk" friend.Every time Colton would here a chipmunk noise, he would say "Is that our chickmunk?"
Of course it is!
He also was insistant that the litte guy was playing with his tractors when we weren't around!Love, love, love our camping trips.
I plan to make a camping journal to record the different places we go. Tyler thought of that one!


Danielle said...

That "chickmunk" is adorable--we don't have those here!

Heather said...

Oh poor Colton, those look like some horrible bites. I hope that the trip was wonderful, and that you are gearing up for a fun weekend ahead