Wednesday, December 31, 2008

... and to Grammy's house we go! (and Grandpa Pat, too)

Here is the part of our week at Grammy Roxanne and Grandpa Pat's! We had a great relaxing time of it and there were too many cute pictures so I might have to add more later (I can only figure out how to add 5 at a time!) We spent the time making cookies and watching the snow fall. It actually snowed on Christmas morning so that was nice. The power thankfully came on the night we got there, but they were prepared with the trusty generator! I love this picture of the kids!

Above is the greatest picture of Ayla and her Great Grandma Loretta! How sweet is that!? Below is Ayla looking out at all the "white stuff" as Colton insists on calling snow! Just thought it was a beautiful shot!

Cute picture of the kids rocking out on the piano with the kids... they loved the piano! And then them and Grammy on Christmas Eve with the cookies they had just made set out for Santa Claus, and them in their Xmas pajamas.... how sweet! More later....

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