Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Oregon part one: Grandparents

Our trip to Oregon went quite well; we got to see most of our families and we had a nice relaxing time with each. The weather was another story! We went through some blizzard-esqe weather coming through the gorge where we couldn't see barely 20 feet in front of us it seemed. Once we made it to Dundee, it was better. Although we must admit that Oregon really isn't equipped for snow removal, AT ALL!! But we made it there and back so it wasn't all bad!
Here is one of my favorite pictures of the kids and Grammy Roxanne and Grandpa Pat, and Great Grandma Carol. This was taken on Christmas day at Roxanne and Pat's place in Astoria.

This is Grampy Richard and Grandma Colleen with Ayla right before we were leaving to head back to Montana. The kids seemed to warm up to all the Grandparents pretty quickly and they had a great time. Tyler and I even got to go out on Friday night and see some of his buddies from Astoria... I even had some beers and we had a nice happy time.

I absolutely love this picture of my mom and Ayla! I thought it was just perfect. We had a great time with my parents in Dundee. We stayed with my sister and her husband Tim, and they graciously put up with us yet again! Love you guys!

I added these pictures because they are adorable... Colton with his new safety goggles that go with a chainsaw.. and Ayla checking the toys out of course! And then in the last picture is the kids with their new kitchen. It was really all that we got for the kids, and they seem to like it alot. Well, I will put more up from our trip later today or tomorrow. Hope you enjoy.

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