Saturday, December 13, 2008

Woolies, Trains, and Snow, OH MY!

We woke up this morning to a couple inches of snow, but last night we had a little bit, and Ayla thought it was fun... in this picture she is pointing to the lights.

Yesterday, Colton had some fun painting an ornament he picked out at the store. He was very careful and kept the paint on the plexi glass, and he hardly got any on his hands either! The train ended up completely colored... first yellow, then green, then blue, and then a mix of all. Very pretty!

I just love this picture! He is so cute when we ask him to smile he gives this cheesy grin almost every time! And I love the star in the background!

Ta-da! These are the two different versions of the woolie pants that I made... Ayla is modeling the shorts, and Colton the pants (his pants!) I think they are adorable, and they work great! They have not gotten wet since they have been wearing them! But, Tyler thinks they look really old fashioned... and a little silly! The kids like them, though; they keep them warm.

How cute is this girl!? They love this cupboard.. it is "theirs" and I told her to look at me and smile and this is what I got! Adorable!

So the kids are doing good. Colton has a goopy eye, which is his MO when he has a cold... and Ayla has a constant runny nose, but I guess it is the season for that! Other than that, they are their normal cute, rambunctious selves; constantly testing me and making me wonder why I want more kids!?

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