Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

So, we are getting ready for Christmas, and the kids seem to be excited! We went and got a Christmas tree about a week ago, and the kids insist that we turn the lights on every morning and then we have to keep them on all day. We also put lights up outside on our house, the kids tried to help as much as they could. Believe it or not, this is the first time EVER that I remember putting lights on the outside of our house. I guess in Boring, we put some on the deck, but never a big production or anything, so anyways, it was kind of special.
We are excited about coming to Oregon to spend the holidays with our families! We tell the kids how many days it is and they seem to know that something is coming... we are spending a couple days with my parents and siblings in Dundee first, and then we are heading to Astoria to spend Christmas with Roxanne and Pat first and then Dick and Colleen last. I am glad that we decided to do this, but the trip has not happened, and we usually have something go wrong on our trips! Maybe this one will be different?!
Sorry that I have been slacking a little on this blog. My intentions were to write in it almost everyday, but I have been pretty busy making Xmas presents for family/friends and Ayla has been VERY needy! Right now, she is in my lap and laying her head on the keyboard... oh, wait, she is up and demanding her coat be put on ! That girl!

So these are the most delicious scones I have ever had.. let alone made! They are actually the first scones I have ever made, because I had an idea in my head that scones were hard to make, but these were soooo easy! I got the recipe from the bread and honey blog under pumpkin recipes! I think they are fabulous! You should try them!

Ayla thought it was really fun to climb the ladder anytime she got the chance (when we weren't looking, of course!) (oh, and I hate the word "ladder", because at a spelling bee in grade school, I was so nervous that I misspelled it! Can you believe it, L-A-D-D-E-R!!!!!!!) Anyways, we had a good time putting up the xmas lights, and the kids love turning them on every night.

Here, we are reading a book, and Colton insisted that I wear "Daddy's santa hat"! It was hilarious. Guess you had to be there! We are reading "Monsters on Machines" which is such a cute book for any little kid who love tractors and construction.

Well, just so you guys who follow this know, I would really love some comments! I think that would motivate me to write more often... I just want to know that someone is reading!! Love you guys!

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