Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Over at the Aamot's (actually Templeton's) before Xmas

So here is a continuation of our Christmas week. I guess I will start with the beginning... we first stopped in at my sisters', Leecia's, and stayed there. My dad and brother, Kirk, came over when we got there and we all shared some pizza and stories about our trip there. (My mom hadn't been feeling well). The next day, we were supposed to have other people over to the house for a late lunch get together, but because of the weather, it was just us. But we had a good time. My parents came over and then my brother again. Later we had dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. All in all, a fabulous time that ended way too soon. Here are some pictures of that segment:

My dad, Leon, looking grumpy, but actually not. Below, the family opening gifts... I am actually sitting there, knitting every chance I could, and I still didn't get what I wanted done!

Thought this was a cute picture of Ayla and me... Of course she wasn't smiling, though! And below the kids reading with Aunt Cece (as they call her!)

Last, but not least.... Colton in another set of goggles and his hard hat, so he could be like Bob the Builder! He just loves that show! Ok... more tomorrow!

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Jill said...

It looks like you had a great trip! I also did not finish my knitting yet. Hopefully today or tomorrow I will finish the legwarmers that were supposed to be for Eve's birthday.