Monday, December 1, 2008

New and improved baby carrier

Here are some pictures of the newest baby carrier that I have made... and let me tell you... I want to keep it!! It is so pretty and I wore Ayla for quite some time (until she got tired of it) and my back was feeling awesome! I really like the hood to shade the babe or hold head up when they are tired... also the d-rings provide a place to hang toys or keychains or anything to amuse baby!
I love it, and I hope Marisa and Tera do also! (and baby Gavin)

And here is the deer Tyler waited until the last minute to get... it is so sad, but Tyler said when he went up to him after he shot him that he talked to him and calmed him down, made me feel a little better. Poor deer though! It was kind of funny that Tyler had to load him into the back of the minivan! That is why I included a pic. But I can't wait to eat some venison!

1 comment:

Jill said...

congratulations Tyler! That is a really funny picture of the deer in the van:)
I love the carrier. It is beautiful.