Monday, June 15, 2009

More from Oregon Trip - Eugene

So from the zoo, we headed to Eugene (Springfield) to visit Tyler's brother and family (Danielle, Aiden, and new baby, Natalie!). We had a fantastic time there camping in the backyard and playing with cousins. The kids all got along really well, and Tyler and I even got to leave them and go for a long run! I know exciting, huh?! Well, these pictures are from a local "farm" that is open to the public to come and explore the trails and such. The kids obviously loved the tractor and the hazelnut (?) groves were cool to run through.

Speaking of farms, we, well, really I, am looking into doing a farm share with a local organic farm. You pay a certain amount of money for the year, and get fresh vegetables and some fruit, every week. I am thinking of asking a friend (Jill) if they want to go half and half, so we can work up to eating more and more vegetables. We'll see if this will work out. I always seem to have these good ideas, and then it kind of never "happens".


Jill said...

I'll think about it!

Anonymous said...

We thought about doing that as well with one of the local farms. The feedback I got from a friend that did it was that she still had to go to the farmer's market to pick up her share and would have rather just purchased the veggies from the market (same vendor) that she would use rather than getting a whole box of stuff that may end up going to waste. The place we looked into was like 500 bucks or something. Jennie

Brooke said...

Jennie, we looked at the stuff offered, and it seemed to be stuff we eat already (for the most part). But I really want to eat MORE veggies... and with sharing it with my friend, the cost is half, and we can still supplement with other veggies. It is worth a try! Hope your trip was great (sounds like it was!)