Friday, June 26, 2009

Sleeping Bags!

We just got the kids new sleeping bags for camping, and they are a HUGE hit in our house! Colton's came in the mail for his birthday, and Ayla immediately wanted one of her own.... not that we do everything she says, but we figured that she would benefit from one too. So we headed down to the local outdoor place and purchased a winner (it has purple in it, which is her favorite color!) They layed in them for awhile last night and then wanted to sleep in them, but we knew it would be too hot, so we told them they were only for camping! Now we only have to pack them instead of: dog bed (yeah, Colton was sleeping on a dog bed.. ha ha!), travel crib, sheepskin, armload of blankets, pillow. Much better!

Lately, the kids have been mimicking us to the fullest; they decided they would be like Tyler and eat their cereal while outside checking on all the plants! How cute!

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