Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scappoose Creek Inn (AGAIN)

A lot can happen in 3 and a half years, huh!? (Meaning two wonderful little rugrats!) Our wedding was on October 22, 2005 at the Scappoose Creek Inn in Scappoose, Oregon; and we actually got a chance to go back there sans kids for a night during our vacation to Oregon! Yeah! It was our first night away from the kids, but they seemed fine when we dropped them off at Grandma and Grandpa Gustafsons'. We had a great time at the inn, reminiscing. Not much had changed there, except the restaraunt was Hawaiian now, when it used to be traditional. The above pictures are before (obviously?) and present. What a great place to get married though!


Anonymous said...

Hi Brooke and Tyler! I am so glad you got to go back to the place you got married and stayed a night. I bet it was wondweful! You are so full of great ideas and making them happem, mostly!Wish I was as creative as you.Love & Kisses to my grandbabies,you and Tyler, Granna

Jameson's Blog said...

How fun!! I'm glad you guys got a night away together in such a special place! :)