Wednesday, June 24, 2009


These two just look like rascals. Every time I take a peek, they are doing something really rascally (except when they are sound asleep!). Colton has taken quite a liking to running around the back yard "watering" all the plants by turning the sprinkler off, and moving it and then turning it back on... all with JUST boots on! Hilarious! This kid used to be so modest, but not any more. He is still doing well potty training... one day at a time, right? Ayla is talking up a storm and knows some of the different tractors and points and says "forklift" or "exvator" ... so cute! Definitely learning from her brother.
I have been busy making fourth of July dresses for the farmers market... more pics later. They are so cute though! Love them. Tyler has been busy in the yard (and at work)... he is almost finished with "projects". That will be the day! Ha. I love it; but next to him I feel so lazy!

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Anonymous said...

It was great talking with you! You have CUTE CUTE kids...wish we could come over and play! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Sarah.