Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Potty training and more

The kids in their new woolies

Colton's new book for his first time going number two on the potty chair! And below is our little Picasso's (Ayla) drawing... it just seemed very abstract, but grown up for her to draw!

Colton washing out his peed on underwear! He has a new found appreciation for being naked!

The last week, Colton has been immersed in getting potty trained. He has been in underwear all day long since last Friday, and has been doing fantastic!! Friday, he went with NO accidents, and since then, he has only had 1-2 a day, so we are very proud. We came up with a bribery plan where if he went one day with no accidents he got a special toy (a trip to the John Deere dealership and a skidder was picked!), 3 days with no accidents he will get another special thing; 5 days; and then 7 days with no accidents, he will recieve the specialest of all toys! He picked a front loader (of course).

I also finished up some adorable woolie pants for the kids... they wear them at night for pj pants, and they seem to REALLY help with the leaks!

One of Colton's favorite things to say right now is "I'll eat you up; I love you so!" This is from one of my favorite books "Where the Wild Things Are", and he says it when he is mad. It makes us all laugh, and he usually gets over being mad, which is awesome! I love my funny, smart, wonderful little rascals!

Yesterday, I kept them busy with helping me make bread and granola bars, and then when Ayla took a nap (Sophie, too) we made some spaghetti sauce with the fresh oregano from the farm share, and it was awesome. I love warm bread out of the oven topped with a mix of butter and honey... yum!!!

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