Monday, April 16, 2012

97- 106 pictures (April 6- April 15)

97'366:: He loved laying in the grass... especially when Sofa, the cat, joined him
98'366:: I just LOVE the looks on their faces. Priceless.
99'366:: For some reason, I just love the light in this picture. And of course the little foot too :)
100'366:: Isn't his sweater adorable? Looks like a cute little fireman... courtesy of Grammy Roxanne!
102'366:: One of my all-time favorites.
103'366:: This kid has a genuine, homegrown mohawk!
104'366:: Vampire?
105'366:: Pure happiness
106'366:: A boy and his ball

Around here::
Ayla is now registered for pre-kindergarten here in Texas... and she couldn't be more excited. Of course, it took 5 HOURS this morning to register her?!!! Seriously, it was madness! Thanks Linda, for keeping me company :)
Colton starts tee-ball practice tomorrow, so he is pretty excited.
And to gear up for his first sport, he joined me in a mile run today... this kid has stamina... and says he enjoys running. So cute. A boy after my own heart. We just purchased new running shoes for both him and Ayla (and myself), and Colton proudly puts his on specifically to run. And I honestly believe he will start running circles around me in the near future.
He says "Maybe tomorrow, just me and you can go for a run tomorrow, Mom. And when I start getting faster than you, then me and Daddy will go for runs."
Smart boy.
He knows it won't take long.

I have been running a mile solid for two weeks now. And last time I timed it, it took me 10 minutes. I am going to S-L-O-W-L-Y work my way up to a couple miles and then add in some long ones... all so I can be ready for the TOUGH MUDDER in October. I am so excited for this!

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