Sunday, April 15, 2012

The zoo again

 We had a great time at the zoo last week, with our friends, The French's.
Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of them... only us. 
But we really were there with friends!

The Flamingos were in rare form, fighting over who got to sit on the eggs. 
The kids laughed a this.

Tyler, using every opportunity to teach the kids rock climbing skills. 
Yes, this is at the zoo.

No, that is not a rock climbing wall.

Well, at least to the average human being.

Kellen is a monkey too.

She was trying to get close to the peacock, so she was trying to sneak up on it... it seemed to know her tricks.

Here, kitty kitty!

I think this is the one that they both kind of have the same expressions...
it was feeding time at the jaguar exhibit!

And at the Red Maned Wolves... they are one of my favorite animals at our zoo... and they had a baby this year! He was in there being fed.. so cute!

Thanks Amanda for the family pics... we usually are lacking at those!

This is one of Ayla's... she is really a good photographer.
And although our camera was a little spendy, I think we do the right thing by letting her play with it (supervised, of course). She seems to understand that she needs to be careful.

I absolutely LOVE this photo... again, one of Ayla's.

I messed with it a tiny bit, but she did a lovely job at capturing her brothers... 

What a girl :)

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Amanda French said...

I'm glad one of your family pics turned out! I was going to snap some of your kids but never did. Next time we will be on time and get more pictures!