Monday, April 23, 2012

Camping, Texas stye, part 2

Raccoon (?) visitors... at least we put our breakfast food away! I was worried about our bananas all night!
Morning at the Gustafson camp
Tractor building... does anyone remember Tyler and Colton's old construction site building? It has totally renewed Colton's interest in tractors and such.

I'm having fun messing with the buttons on my camera. Love the tent in the background here... and of course, his cute little face :)

5, 6, Pick up sticks... for the tractor buildings.

Love these red tenny's! And the boy who sports them.
Pretty proud of his creations.
Camping is fun... and I am so glad we can do this with our kids. We are thoroughly looking forward to camping in June with our good friends from Montana. We are headed to Idaho, at a good rock climbing place, so Tyler will be in heaven... and we will have good friends and hopefully good weather.
After that trip, on our way to Astoria, Oregon, we will hopefully be camping with Aunt Danielle and Uncle Loren and the three Veneta based cousins at Crater Lake. Amazingly, I have never been there, and Tyler only has been once, and he doesn't really remember... so that will be great!

The visitors were most likely raccoons, and they just took our garbage bag down and ate all the scraps out of it... those sneaky rascals! We welcomed the early morning light with some hot chocolate and oatmeal... one of our breakfast staples while camping.

We will be looking for some more campgrounds in the semi vicinity of here to make some more wonderful family memories! 

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