Thursday, April 26, 2012

Their First Camping Trips

Soren's first:: Lake Coleman, TX, April 2012
Kellen's first:: Dickey Lake, MT, May 2010

Ayla's first:: Flathead Lake, MT July 2008 with the McFarlanes
Ayla! Look how much she looks like her brothers! And those teeth!
Colton's first:: Raven Ridge (?), NC, October, 2007
Colton again... so cute!
We have had such fun taking these guys camping as young as we can! Ayla was by far the oldest, being about 10 months old on her first trip! Can you believe that! Jill, we had a lot of fun on that camping trip too! I believe it was 4th of July.
And Colton... it was so different only having one child camping... it has definitely gotten more kid oriented as time has gone on, whih is great, because what kids don't like camping?! And playing in the dirt and making forst and throwing rocks!? I really hope we continue to camp for the rest of our lives!

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Amanda French said...

I love LOVE the last picture of Colton! They all look so much alike. I hope this means all our babies will have lots of hair like Eli.