Thursday, April 12, 2012

Princess Ayla

 My girl, Ayla. What a funny, full of life little girl! She always has something funny to say.

"What the heck"

"That is HIGHLY overrated"

"Holy Moley!"

Seriously, this girl is a riot. She is also quite the drama QUEEN.
Loves to dress up in princess costumes (as you can see)
 AND paint nails... anyone's, really.

My toenails are painted right now, and they are AWFUL... but my girl was so proud of herself painting them, that of course, they are beautiful. (Right?)

I love her style, and sense of self. She knows what she likes to wear. Yes, sometimes I tell her to go change, but for the most part, I just kind of let it roll.
 I love walking down the road with my little Snow White, or Cinderella (Today I asked her a question, leading with Snow White instead of Ayla, she answered back, "UHH, that is not my name... it's my middle name!"
Well, okay then!)

She also loves to accessorize... and why not! A sunflower headband looks completely adorable, no matter she can't stand it to be in the correct place, it has to be kind of awkward looking, but that is ok...

At least she is mess conscious with painting also.

Look at the way she sets down a piece of junk mail, and carefully paints her toes... she usually manages to only get a couple marks of polish on her dress or floor or table... nothing too crazy yet!

Oh, how I love her.

Her fierce concentration (that does not extend to carefully coloring in lines, or putting away her clothes)
her wonderful helpful ways (always helpful, and sometimes too much so!)
and just about everything...

.... except for the temper tantrums... I could do without those.

She is also an excellent photographer.
And a spectacular singer.
And a genius with electronics.

I wonder what she will do with her life. She has so much to offer, and I hope her wonderfulness NEVER gets squashed.

But I think that is a wish every mother has.

I wish her happiness. In that, I think I will be happy.
Whatever she may be or do,
 I will always be her mother, 
and she will always be my girl.



Anonymous said...

So sweet! She will love that post now and as she grows older! What a gift you are to her as her mother :) Angie

Jill and Ben said...

love this post! Girls are so interesting aren't they? Maybe it gives us a little insight into ourselves to see our little girls growing up. It's much easier to imagine that they came from us and are a part of us than with a boy. Evie is just amazing me lately. She inherited my competitiveness, which is serving her well for now. She learned to swim after only four lessons, she is reading, and riding her bike all to keep up with her big brother. Or more likely to be better at it than him. which she completely believes is possible. she even thinks that she'll be bigger than him one of these days. Ha! We're so lucky!

Brooke said...

we are indeed lucky!
Ayla is also SO competitive with Colton... it is so great though, because she finds she can do so many things he can.

Angie, you are so kind. Thanks for your sweet words!

I miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Thank God for little girls! I love having Ash in a house of boys, although she is NOTHING like me :) she is super girly and quiet...I was an over competitive tomboy--- But I love having her.......she is a princess for sure....Speaking of princesses' I saw a little DIY lace Tiara--thought of you and your was basically lace soaked in glue or whatever to stiffen in it and them molded into a crown, dried to harden in shape and then embellished with jewels and broken jewelry! it was so cute! I am def going to give it a try with Ashley! ~b