Sunday, April 22, 2012

Camping, Texas style, Part 1

Happy baby's first camping trip
The woes of the oldest child:: helping out.
This was Soren's resting spot... he played content there for awhile!
The A&W Rootbeer ad... I LOVE this sequence!
Going to the Lake... Kellen didn't want to leave.
.... mostly because he couldn't get enough of throwing rocks in the lake!
Aren't they adorable?!
And the truck parked at the campsite...

We had such a fun time camping this Saturday. We are campers, but last year, we didn't camp once because of the move and being pregnant all summer. But we vowed to camp, even though we were in Texas this year. So we decided to try it out at Coleman Lake, which is about 45 minutes south of Abilene. We headed out of town at 2pm, thinking we'd be there by 3! Little did we know that we actually couldn't trust the map we had! We ended up on a county road (we knew where we were, we just couldn't get to the lake!) and finally we flagged down a car (because at the two gas stations we asked, the cashier's had no clue, and no one that we knew that would know answered their cells!), and he told us the way. After he shook his head, and said "How'd you get way out here?" Ha ha!

So we made it to the lake by 530! ha.... we joked that we should have driven to Austin! Anyways, we knew camping was going to be different in Texas... and it is. The beauty we had come to know and love in Montana was not replicated, that is for sure! But we made due.

We set up camp (Tyler set up camp, and I held a baby), we ate dinner, we made smores, had a talent show (so cute, and a definite tradition was started!), looked at some stars and headed to bed. It was great.

And then in the middle of the night, Ayla, who had been coughing a lot, needed more water, so Tyler went to the truck to get more. He comes back and says, "Looks like we had visitors."

More tomorrow or the next day. I hope to put up pics of all the kids first camping trips this week too!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and Earth day. PLEASE tell me that you did something good for our wonderful planet!


Anonymous said...

Korbin told me not to buy paper plates at the Grocery store...and with that logic and sweet face of his I couldn't help but Kids are so smart...and don't you just LOVE having a truck!????(from the camping post)

PS CONGRATS on the two miles BIG! accomplishment! please blog about it! :) ~Brenda

Brooke said...

Brenda, that is a good thing .. Tyler always says paper products always keep Oregonians employed.. Lol!
I do love having a truck... But it does use more gas.

I will blog about the running soon... When I get a chance!