Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hope for America

After staying up half the night watching the numbers from the polls come in, and hearing 2 speeches from two great men who obviously love their country, I have come to realize how much we have to learn here in America. On one hand, Barack Obama offered hope for our nation like no other hopeful could; he represented so much just by being black and having the name that he was given at birth, and he offered so much more with his words and apparent wisdom. And on the other hand, was John McCain, a great man in his own right, who deserves much of the praise given to him by his followers and the respect of everyone in this country. This election did, as all elections do, divide families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, anyone and everyone, because everyone could see that either of these men would do all they could in the next 4 years to make America better; to start the healing process of all our losses. Personally, I voted for Barack Obama, but in my heart I believe that whatever the nation chose last night, it would be for the better.
Part of me is sad for McCain, and heck, even for Bush, because no matter what some say, the Republican party did not do this to our nation, to put blame there would be misplaced, for in reality, we did this to ourselves. Our need for the best, and the brightest, and the need for it now surpassed all of our actual needs, and that shows that we are a superficial country that has come to a point in our lives where we need to make a choice. A choice to live within our means, and put our time and efforts into our most prized posessions..our children. Our children need our time and they deserve or efforts. And when I say our children, I don't just mean those of us that are lucky enough to have our own children, but the children that are forgotten, the children who are lost in the system that seems to have forgotten them and their families. We need to make our schools better, our streets safer, our families stronger. Volunteer your time, your wisdom, your experience.
I hope for our great country that we can overcome these hard times, and I hope for Obama that he can lead us with his words and his actions, and earn the trust of those that are skeptics. Good luck.
On a way lighter note, Colton has been busy playing with playdough and watching Bob the Builder in his free time... what a talented kid! (Just kidding, well, he's talented, but not that talented yet... Tyler built the tractors, but Colton loves them!)
We, meaning Colton, Ayla and myself, went to a playgroup today that sounded so promising. There was childcare for 1.5 hours and free coffee and snacks for me... but I was a little disappointed. First of all, it was located at a church, and not that I have anything against Churches, but I am a little uncomfortable because of my lack of beliefs... however, I was intrigued. So we went. Colton screamed to the point I could hear him where I was (in another room) and so I went and got him. And he sat quite nicely while people stood before us and talked about mostly religious things. I think I would have liked it better, had there been a time to actually talk to other women and just converse and drink coffee! I guess I am a simple person with simple wants, but I think I would have rather played with my kids at home then be lectured. Maybe I'll give it one more chance... free childcare, after all! And Ayla really enjoyed it!

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Jill said...

Those tractors are amazing!! Tell tyler how impressed I am.