Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sick days

So I have been sick since Saturday with a stomach bug, but now I am finally feeling a little better, thank goodness! I don't know how people deal with chronic pain! My mom is my hero! Just to not know when the pain is going to stop is the worst feeling... I liked labor more, if you can believe that! Well, anyways, not much got done this weekend; Tyler had to leave Sunday and stay the night in Butte, and then he came back Monday morning and had to go back there yesterday, and didn't get home until midnight! That man drives ALOT!
I pretty much was a wastoid living on the couch, taking care of the kids when they needed me, but really just "resting", if you can rest when your in pain!
This morning I finally got to cleaning a little and Colton even joined in, he loves the swiffer! So now the carpet can be seen again and waffles are made for the week. But... the dishes are another story! Haven't gotten to those yet! Maybe Tyler will do them, I cleaned the kitty litter box after all!
Did anyone watch the Biggest Loser last night?! I was so happy to see Vicki's world get rocked when her husband was sent home!!! That woman is a witch! I can't believe how she has manipulated everyone on her team and thinks she is the queen! Ha, Ha! But in the previews of next week, it shows her being even more of a witch! I can't wait! Anyways, hope everyone had a great weekend, and veterans day. Thank you to all my fellow Veterans out there, although it feels weird to call myself a veteran... kind of undeserved comparatively!

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