Monday, November 24, 2008

The last week...

Look at how sweet these kids are!? They were rolling around on the floor just giggling up a storm! How I love their smiling faces, especially when it doesn't end in disaster, as it often does!

This is the new towel (well, not new, cause I bought it at the Salvation Army, but ...) that I added an adorable hood and ribbon to... I need to sew up the sides, but Ayla loves to wear it, except when she walks, because it is still a little too long!

... And here is my new hobby for now! Knitting! A local shop has a beginner's knitting class on Saturdays, so my friend Jill and I walked down there, and learned a little. I have high aspirations for making a hat for me and then maybe some knit wool soakers for Ayla for night time... I would love to learn to knit the adorable leg warmers and maybe some knit tights... maybe I will start with the hat, and then scarves for Colton and Ayla! and then maybe some others... I am pretty busy with Xmas presents and I am making some diapers for some local people, and then a dress for Ayla for Thanksgiving, and then some skirts for her... and it seems Ayla gets a lot of stuff, but it is so fun to make cute girl stuff! Danielle, I hope you have a girl, and then I will have more things to make, or at least pass on!
Oh, and we are visiting Oregon for xmas... we are excited and even though we swore we wouldn't do it again... here we go!

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