Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ouch pouches

Just thought I would share a little craft that I make that is very useful for the little ones boo boos; It's called the "ouch pouch". First you take two little squares of fabric in any size bigger than 3", bigger to make it easier. Next, put them together with the fabric print to the inside, so you will be sewing it together with the unfinished sides on the outside.
Then sew around three edges, in straight lines, with about 1/4" seam. Turn it inside out, so the pretty fabric is on the outside now, fill it halfway with the filler, and then tuck in the remaining side, and sew across a couple times. Now you have a little pouch that you can either put in the freezer for later use as a comfy icepack, or store in a drawer, and when your rugrat hurts him/herself, then pop it in the microwave for 20ish seconds, and you have a little heat pack!

Now, for fillers you can either use rice, which works decently but doesn't stay warm or cold for too long (couple minutes, maybe) or use whole flax seed, which supposedly retains the heat or cold for much longer (but is more expensive, too!) You can also add cinnamon or cloves to your rice or flax to give it some smell when you microwave. As an alternative, you can fill with lavender seeds and have a wonderful smelling pouch to put in a drawer or maybe in the dryer for a little bit (at the end of drying). Hope someone enjoys this little craft. You could even do this by hand if you don't have a sewing machine, just make sure you keep your stitches small and close together to prevent any rice or seed escaping! Good luck.

The picture of Ayla is her in her other new skirt! It is reversible and one side is made out of a pillowcase! It is soo cute, and sticks out like a lampshade. I am so in love with it! Colton wanted to pose by our Halloween tree with one of his favorite pouches! What a character...

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