Friday, November 7, 2008

Why do I even try to clean?

It seems to me that I am constantly cleaning! I don't know if anyone else has this problem? Sometimes I wonder WHY I even clean up; it's just going to be messy when I turn around. But before Ayla was eating food and walking around, I admittedly only vacuumed maybe once a week. Now, because of the obvious crumbs and whatever else, I am vacuuming at least once a day! And the mess is highly concentrated under a little one whose name rhymes with flayla! She is soooo messy! I guess I had it coming... I seem to recollect my parents telling me that when I was younger they called me Missy Messy Brooke! So maybe it runs in the family? She sure is cute though!
This morning she DID NOT want us to take off her pajamas, so we tied them around her neck like a cape, and she is STILL wearing them! Colton on the other hand, has been EXTREMELY whiny! My favorite. But at least he stops when we put on Bob the Builder!
Well, I better get back to cleaning... I have the Pampered Chef party tonight, so I better at least try to pick up, right?

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