Monday, November 3, 2008

Taking Time for yourself!

What a concept, right? How can I, as a mother, even think about taking time for myself? I'm too busy cleaning up the whirlwind of stuff they leave behind, or planning dinners, or doing laundry, etc. to even have a chance to potty train Colton! How could I spend time for ME! But, to be a better mother, I am finding out that I really really need this! Whether it be to have special time to sew something, or go for a walk, or just go to the bathroom alone (what a concept!)
So, I hurt my back yesterday (AGAIN! I know!) But it isn't as bad as the last time... I am not crawling around on my hands and knees. Although my back is letting me know that I need to be a little more careful as I am bending down to pick up toys with Ayla on my hip! What I really need to do is start running again... that would be ideal. Maybe some yoga... anything to help my back.
I remember when I was in Japan, and it was nothing to run 4-8 miles in a day. Now, running around the block seems daunting! How to get back in it? I guess the best answer is start slowly. And build on it. Sounds easy enough, but is it easy enough in November in Northwestern Montana? Definitely not. The snow is coming any day, and who runs in the snow? I guess I will just have to play it by ear, and put it off a little bit more. Maybe we can join a gym, with a babysitter? Wouldn't that be nice?
Well, I better get back to being the best mother I can be, without really bending or picking the kids up. I guess Tyler will have to pick up the house later!

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