Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting ready for Mothers Day

I have been trying to figure out what to make my "mothers" for their special day. This morning, I made some final decisions, and cut out all that I need... I am so excited! I really want to give them something they will actually use and LIKE to use. So, I will post them AFTER Mother's Day! Sorry! But, I have many things to work on right now....
I was doing some research yesterday on cloth diapering, and was hit with an epiphany! I had been reading everywhere that cloth diapered kids usually potty train earlier, and I have not seen anything of the sort! Come to find out, it is the old style of cloth diapers that are truly the quicker potty trainers! Of course! It makes complete sense, NOW! Traditionally, the cloth against baby's butt was cotton. I have been using fleece or suedecloth, which doesn't really feel wet to them! Cotton would feel wet, therefore making the kids realize that they needed a change, or know when they should use a potty chair.
Needless to say, I ordered some prefolds, and will just use my current diapers as covers over them... I will keep you posted on the progress.

And in kind of sad news... we have decided not to do foster care at this time, because of the kids being so young, and needing so much attention all the time. Instead, we have plans to offer respite care (which is part time, recovery help for foster parents) and I plan on becoming a CASA volunteer. We really want to help out in this area of the community, and feel our services can still be of use even though we have decided to hold off on foster care.

Wish us luck!

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