Sunday, April 5, 2009

A girl and her blankie

Ayla is completely obsessed with her blankie... or biddie as she calls it. It is a wonderfully soft brown and pink blankie given to her by my cousin, Nicole, and we have put it with her since she was brought home from the hospital. But only recently has it become her obsession. I made a scrapbbok of 2008, and was looking at it for the first time with the kids... Colton pointed out everyone and tried to say all the names, Ayla pointed out all the pictures with her blankie in them. Most I hadn't even noticed! She wants to bring it downstairs when she wakes up; take it in the car; into stores; and now outside! We think it is very adorable, but have decided to limit it to indoor use!

We had another beautiful day here in Montana, and we actually got one project completed... well, almost! The playhouse now sits on little pea gravel, and the kids can scoop and dump to their hearts content... and Colton did today! It looks great, and when it is finished being painted, it will look even better!
Hope everyone had a great weekend, and enjoyed some nice weather!

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