Sunday, April 19, 2009

Natalie is here!

Colton and Ayla became cousins again! Yeah! Little Natalie was born yesterday after a long day of laboring, by super strong woman, Danielle! Go Danielle! We are still anxiously awaiting pictures of the sweet babe, and will post something when we get it! We are so excited that we get to meet her (if all goes right) at the end of May! Being away from family sure is hard when there are exciting moments like this!

In other news, Ayla got her first black eye! I swear this child is completely accident prone (I think I remember my parents say I was too) and she is constantly hurting herself... but she is such a strong resilient little booger! She fell into a shelf at a store, and cried for maybe 10 seconds and then went right back to trying to show her daddy a pair of boots she LOVED! I took her to look in the mirror maybe a minute after the incident, and she had a huge knot underneath her eye that looked horrible! Thankfully we were at a cafe, and they gave us some ice for her and that helped a lot! But today, she has a little shiner. What a silly, wonderful little girl!

We are hoping to go on an adventure today... it is supposed to be about 70! But, it is cloudy right now, so we are debating what to do...

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