Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And the sickness continues!

Yes, it is true... we must have pretty weak immune systems around here! Just seem to be sick constantly... although I have to wonder if it has a little to do with lack of sleep? Last night, Noah did his share of keeping us up (when will we learn to go to bed before 11pm?) since he has a stuffy nose, and breathing while lying down seems to be agonizing for him... but Colton did his fair share of wake-ups, and amazingly, kept calling for Mommy! This is only weird because he is pretty consistant at calling for Daddy... well, he called me into his room saying there was a monster under his bed at 3 in the morning! Kids have such an imagination, but it was too cute to be annoyed with, so I just told him that the bear by his bed ate the monster and would protect him from future monsters, and this seemed to appease him - for a little bit. He eventually came in and slept with us at 5am.
Tyler went to the doctors this morning (for the first time since we moved here actually) and he might have a case of strep throat.. so that is the sickness that is continuing... who knows how long it will last.
Now on to a very prominent subject in our home... foster care and what it has done to us as a family. Noah has only been with us a little over two weeks, but we feel that we have learned so much about ourselves and our family as a whole. Even though he is only about 11-12 pounds, this little guy has brought out the worst in us at times and probably brought out the best in us at times. Patience was something that I thought I had my fair share of, but come to find out, I am completely lacking in this much needed area. I find myself at wits end multiple times a day, wondering if I can make it until bedtime! There are feelings coming out of how this will affect Colton and Ayla when they are older, and this is a huge struggle for me! Are we doing the right thing for our family? Is it worth it? Then I look at Noah, and realize how little and innocent he is, and my heart melts to think about what this little guy is receiving from us... stability, round the clock care and love from us (even though at times it is hard to express it to a 2 month old!) The unknown in most foster care situations seems to be the biggest struggle... you don't know how long this child will be a part of your family, and you don't know enough about this child's past, and you probably won't know much about their future either. You are only their caregiver for THIS moment, and you can't expect any more or less. But getting through the jumble of feelings is difficult, and sleep is hard to come by around here, but we are doing the best we know how to, and we intend to keep it up. But we may change our foster care profile to no more newborns for the future! They are pretty tough for the majority of the time.
Especially when you have to overcome the ever present obstacle of them not being yours.

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