Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wondering why

I read something yesterday on someone's blog that really disturbed me, and I just can't let it go. First of all, I made it to this blog through someone else's, out of curiosity, and it turned out to be someone I knew from a VERY long time ago. (funny how that works) Well, this person was obviously a hard core religious person, and I have no (absolutely no) problem with that. I have always been pretty good at not judging people because they believe differently than me, but I am just flabbergasted by the outlook of this person!
Just browsing through the words, I came across an entry that described going to a leadership training that had religious undertones, and it turned out to be taught by someone who believed in the Wicca religion. The blogger ran out of the training in tears because of what was being taught, and when asked what was wrong, yelled at the teacher about how could she be teaching that the world was beautiful! How dare her! And when asked what happened to make this person have that outlook, the answer was : Look around you, it is not beautiful!
These words struck a major chord with me. How could someone with such strong beliefs that there is a God, and God loves you, could question someone teaching that the world itself was beautiful!?
Is this what all Christians believe? Is the physical Earth just a stopping point on your way to heaven that we should all just consider ugly and corrupt? And when we finally get to heaven we can appreciate the beauty that God has created? That seems so wrong and hokey to me.
Live while you can here; there are no guarantees that there is a heaven full of magical-ness.
Maybe this is why our Earth is being polluted at an astronomical pace... religious people think that it is not their responsibility to clean up after themselves; or to take a responsible approach when buying and using and disposing of things? It's God's will, right? I am so saddened by this.... beyond anything you could imagine.
We are all human, and all make many mistakes; but next time you think the world is ugly, turn off your tv, or stop reading the book, and go outside and NOTICE something... a tree, a flower, a beautiful bug, the amazing things humans can do with building materials (aka: architecture), if you live in Montana, LOOK OUTSIDE! See the beautifulness all around you? It's there, and you can't deny it. Just witness the sun coming up to start it's long day. Or maybe the moon shining brightly over the night.
The Earth and all the creations are beautiful, and if you can't appreciate that, I think you are maybe a lost cause.
Enough of ranting, sorry if this offends anyone; just remember, I'm a babbling Brooke!

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