Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some new things

Yesterday, I actually got a couple things done with my pile of pillowcases outside! Yeah! I made five different little skirts and dresses, and they turned out so cute! Out of one pillowcase, I can make a 2T or 3T skirt and a sweet little dress for a 3-12 month old (or could be used as a shirt for an older girl) but they are turning out so cute, and I love to find and add the cute ribbons and lace! I feel so much better when I have time to create something!
What do you think?

Today is a beautiful day here in Montana, and we have some lofty yard plans slated for today... wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

I love the dresses! It makes me want to start looking for old sheets and pillow cases for you! :) Glad you have this creative outlet. Enjoy the yard. We're still waiting for our snow to melt. Jennie

Brooke said...

Jennie, if you find any "vintage" -ish pillowcases sheets at any garage sales or what not, I will pay you back or make you a couple free dresses ;) The yard still has a little bit of snow in it, but we are making the kids playhouse a little more inviting for them! Oh... and Ayla got a fever last night... poor little thing. But nothing else yet...