Tuesday, March 3, 2009

...Changed my mind!

So I have decided to give up Facebook for at least a month instead. I have noticed lately that I am quite annoyed with people on Facebook, for different things, and I continue to think about it all day (well, not all day, but it does cross my mind). I do not feel adequate as a friend, because of Facebook. I look at people's comments and goings on between them, and wonder why I don't get invited here or there... it is quite pathetic! But I really believe the problem is Facebook, with all their updates and emails... so... I am not checking my Facebook account at least until the end of March. If I am still feeling left out by everyone, then I will say "My bad, it wasn't Facebook; it's just me."
I can assure you that I know this is pretty pathetic, but I am trying to be as honest with myself, and my friends and family, as I can be! I don't think there is anything wrong with honesty, and I have been beating myself up about this friends thing for a while. And sometimes the truth isn't pretty.
Speaking of pretty... here is a new dress/shirt that I have made. It was for my niece, Alayna for her second birthday... but after trying it on Ayla, I really don't think it will fit her! and if I do say so myself, it turned out pretty darn cute! It is the biggest size, and it supposed to be a 5!


traci said...

Facebook can totally screw with your ego if you let it. If I start feeling like a loser or something because I don't get enough comments or some crap I ask myself when the last time I left someone a comment and/or would I actually pick up the phone to call this person very often. Which we both know I wouldn't do in either case. This way I don't feel quite so assholey or like a bad friend.

Jill said...

I love your dress! Ayla looks like she wants it off. But I'm sure by this summer she will love wearing it!