Friday, March 13, 2009

Top ten things I love RIGHT NOW...

1. The way Colton helps Ayla by calmly explaining things to her, and then she does one thing wrong, and he yells, "NO, Ayla!" He is a great big brother!

2. How the beautiful blue skies really lift the spirits and puts a great big smile on my face!

3. When Tyler helps without me asking him to.

4. that my mom taught me to move the furniture around from time to time to get a whole different feel in your home (I have to admit this is a nuisance sometimes, because I HAVE to move things around like every two months... or with the changing of seasons. Tyler seems to think it is an endearing quality... or so he says)

5. When Ayla hears the kitties fighting and immediately says "No, Meow, no meow, no meow!" So cute!

6. Colton's wonderful laugh and smile (he has been sick for a couple days, so it is such a relief to see him getting better)

7. The new training pants I am making for my kids and for Jill's daughter, Eve... it gives me hope that I won't be changing two kids diapers forever! Colton has been going on the potty chair every day and he is quite proud of himself. I plan to let them roam around outside naked this summer to help them along...

8. Getting rid of stuff! It is such a relief (?) sometimes to let go of things you know you don't need.

9. Strawberries - just got the first batch at Costco this week and they are a favorite in the house right now!

10. And last, but DEFINITELY not least..... NUTELLA! I have never had this amazing creation before, but my Mom had told me how good it was, so I finally bought some at Costco. And let me tell you, I have been putting it on everything, and finding excuses to eat it! Just talking about it makes me want some! It is really a great invention of chocolate and hazelnut combined in just the right mixture. Don't buy any if you have never had it, if you are a chocolate lover like me, you will have a hard time putting it away!

Hope everyone has a great day and weekend! Wish Tyler luck, he takes his promotion test on Monday!


Anonymous said...

Great list! We ate Nutella everyday when we travelled through Europe. We used it in place of peanut butter. I've tried it since, but it's not the same :) The training pants are awesome! Way to go, Colton. Congrats on the foster care! I'll be thinking of you. I saw a DVD at the library that made me think of Colton. It's All About John Deer. Very cute! Jennie

Brooke said...

Thanks, Jennie! Hope you and your family are doing great... I tried to get onto your blog, but I couldn't figure it out! Colton now says his favorite tractor brand is CAT, but I don't think it will last too long! He always ends up coming back to John Deere!