Saturday, March 7, 2009

Inside when outside is beautiful but cold

We have been finding ourselves inside for most of the time, due to the cold weather. Sometimes it is hard to occupy the kids time all day, but coloring is a daily thing of ours. Colton has gotten pretty good at solidly coloring things in and wearing the crayons down to a nub... we are unsure of the genetic artistic ability he has inherited, but we have seen him progress definitely! Ayla is our free spirit, that usually finds the most joy in "stealing" the crayons when Colton isn't watching! I found some awesome crayon rocks that both the kids really enjoy and don't break quite as easy as a regular crayon... always a plus, and worth the extra money!
Tyler and the kids have an almost nightly ritual of eating popsicles before bed. They are all too cute sitting around and sharing the different flavors.

I moved this great chair downstairs because upstairs seems to be full with beds (both the kids have a crib that they are sleeping in currently, then there is toddler bed for Ayla eventually and a full twin one for Colton when he gets better at sleeping at night!) So... it is sitting by the front door. The kids think it is so fun to climb on it and look out the front door (Colton has the excavators next door to keep track of!) and Ayla just likes to do anything that Colton does. I love the chair and so do the cats... if the kids aren't bothering them too much they like to lounge on it.

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