Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sickness... and then better!

We have been sick for the last couple days... it all started with poor little Ayla. She ended up having a pretty bad ear infection on top of some 24 hour flu thing that we all got. Yesterday was the worst... Tyler had gone to Butte the night before, so it was me with the three little guys. And then the sickness really started... everyone was puking everywhere; on the floor, on the couch, on me... it was awesome! Then Tyler was in Butte throwing up all morning also. Luckily, Noah didn't seem to be too affected, but he wasn't holding everything down that he should have been...

But today was a new day, and although Ayla still isn't 100%, we were all feeling a lot better... and no puking! Ayla just got this ADORABLE cape, that I just love! Our little red riding hood.
And of course ... can't forget about Noah! He had his first visit with his dad on Tuesday, and it seemed to go well. Can't really tell how he feels about it. What a cutie, though!

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