Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Missoula trip

We decided to all go to Missoula kind of last minute on Wednesday till Friday. Tyler had a training thing down there... I thought 3 kids would be tough, but it really wasn't that bad! The kids and I spent Thursday going to the Children's museum in downtown Missoula, and then hung out in the hotel room until Tyler was done... then we went to dinner, but had to make a quick stop at the CAT dealership for Colton, while Noah got fed. Kids had a cheap blast! Friday (today) Tyler got done early and we headed to the nearby carousel and park... had a great time! Kids did not want to leave! They were going down slides all by themselves! It was a great trip and good change of scenery... even though I love the scenery around here!
Noah is doing great.... just a normal 2 month old. But he is so small! I weighed him in today at about 10.5 lbs fully clothed! Just a little bundle of smiles!

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