Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Noah Kincaid

We welcomed our first foster child yesterday! His name is Noah Kincaid, and he is 2 months old... born on Jan. 11. So far, so good. I forgot what sleepless nights were though! The kids like the idea of him, but seem to be more needy now... as expected! So... wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Brooke, he is beautiful! It must be something different to have a newborn but not have just been pregnant! I hope it goes really well for you guys! And yes, the kids are definitely more needy - how fun for us to get together at this "same" stage of life :)

Jill said...

It is so crazy to see a little baby with you that doesn't look like you! But, it is so cool too.

ShannonDBR said...

Hello. My name is Shannon and I've been reading your blog after I stumbled upon it, when I created mine just over a month or there abouts ago. Would love it if you stopped by once in a while.

Hope it goes well with Noah. Good Luck! I think what you are doing is wonderful. From the looks of it you are a wonderful mom with lots of love to go around.

daniellehurt187 said...

So cute, I was wondering if we'd see an up-date on here about him. Let me know when you get the diapers, and if you need more. They estimated Natalie at 6-6.5 lbs today so who knows how long it will be before she needs them! Let's hope they were wrong!

Terri L. Baranick said...

Noah is such a handsome little guy, and so lucky to be in your home and cared for by you and Tyler.

You're doing an amazing thing!


Brooke said...

Thanks guys for all your wonderful words of encouragement and such! We are pretty lucky, and he is pretty cute.