Sunday, March 8, 2009

A great Saturday with the family, and a free drawing...

Yesterday, which was Saturday, we had such a great day here in Montana! The kids slept well, we slept decently, considering our colds and we woke up at our usual time. I decided to try a new breakfast recipe and made a Dutch Baby, (this recipe is a little different, but basically the same) which is a puffed pancake you bake in the oven, and I cooked some Gala apples with cinnamon/sugar and a little bit o' butter... this goes on top with some powdered sugar... ummmmm good! Tyler even liked it. The kids weren't completely impresses, but they change so often! I remember having something like this when I was a kid, and I thought it was the best breakfast ever! So, I thought I might pass it on to the kids.
Then we packed up the kids and our two mattresses, and headed to the Samaritan House to donate them. Colton asked a lot of questions about why and who, and we answered them the best we could considering he isn't even three yet! I think it was a good lesson when I said since we aren't sleeping on them, we can share them and let someone who doesn't have a mattress sleep on them. I am really trying to donate what I can, and hope to soon donate my time to a couple local charities.
Later, while Tyler made a scrumptious dinner of Salmon with salsa, the kids and I ACTUALLY PLAYED! I always feel like I don't play with the kids, but yesterday I decided to actually enjoy it.. we "cooked" and made dinner and "cut" some veggetables "Just like daddy". It was fun.
.... Right before dinner I made another choice; Tyler said it was the wrong one at the time, and I was in between. I got out a bowl full of rice and gave them funnels and some scoops and let them play on the kitchen floor. Most did NOT stay in the bucket while Ayla was playing; but as soon as Colton was alone and given some tractors with buckets and trailers, he kept most inside. The thing is, they had sooo much fun! Colton did not want to go to bed because according to him " ME like playing with rice!" And the first thing he asked about this morning was the rice. I just had to keep reminding myself that it was JUST RICE, after all.

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