Sunday, March 29, 2009

And so it goes

With the promise of Spring, so comes the reminder of Winter. We were reminded today that snow is still possible and in all likely hood, probable. We are still in awe of having a little baby in our midst. He is getting more and more used to us, which is nice. Can I say how much I hate formula though?! Noah has such a rough time processing anything it seems! Plus, it stinks, and so does what comes out! And then... bottles are no fun either... we have only three so then we don't misplace them and find something nasty later!
Colton and Ayla have been trading their sicknesses for the last two weeks. Colton decided to scare us a little today with a high (103.5) temp that came on really quick and finally now it is down to 101.5 ish. Maybe it is a remnant from our last week sicknesses.. but of course it happens on a Sunday when the doctor is away :) We are continuing to monitor.
My biggest wish right now is for all of us to be healthy and able to make it through a week without something! Anyone have any ideas?
Tyler is cultivating a little jungle in our bedroom... peas, black eyed susans, squash, zucchinni, tomatoes, and a couple other things! I think they may be full size before we can get them outside! We will see... the kids LOVE to water them and fight over who gets to water what... kind of cute, but mostly frustrating. Something we brought on ourselves, so we just sigh and remember that they are learning a valuable lesson!


Jill said...

The pictures of green at least make me feel better for a little bit. Isaac has a little sickness too and is pulling on his ear, hopefully it's just a cold and not an ear infection.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was in clinic on Sunday :) Hope he's doing better. Love the plant starts. They look better than mine, although most of mine are only a week old. Already planning my wine barrel gardens. Jennie