Monday, March 23, 2009

Tough day

Today has tested my will as no other day that I can remember (maybe that is because I can't really remember much since sleep has taken a backseat?). Yesterday evening, Ayla decided to throw up a couple times and then once during the night, and one more time (so far) today. Add Noah needing CONSTANT attention, and you have one mom who wants to rip her hair out! Noah doesn't like to sleep during the day anywhere but your arms... but we trick him into the swing sometimes! The last few days Ayla has been needing extra attention... and I try to give it to her, but it is hard to make everyone happy!
Guess I just have to prioritize, right?
Well, Ayla got her first pigtails last night (before the puking!) and she gave us her most rascally looks!
Wish me luck for tomorrow... and everyday after! It can only get easier, right? Please tell me yes!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Brooke! You're doing an amazing thing for your children and Noah! Jennie

Anonymous said...

Noah (and your other kids) is too cute!! Just take it one hour at a time...kinda like they tell addicts, but it works in different situations too! love you girl! Traci